…To a New Beginning, To Hope, To What Matters the Most...

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O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?
- Percy Bysshe Shelley

While some of my country folks would read through this post with great interest and in awe of the situation ensuing from the recent elections held in Pakistan, others might consider it utter nonsense; that I am one of those befooling ourselves – hoping too much, too soon. 

Since, when is it wrong to hope? And is this too soon? And is this too much? 

Isn’t hope a beautiful thing emanating warmth and rays of light in a cold dark tunnel? Guiding you through; assuaging your fears of being lost; promising that you can still hold on to something and that eventually you’ll find your way out of the dark tunnel – isn’t that feeling enough to make you try harder to reach to the end of the tunnel, step apace towards your destination to touch, see and feel that light, that warmth? Well, then, isn’t hope a beautiful thing?

Isn’t change a beautiful thing? Like someone aptly put, 'If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree!’. Isn’t change ‘hope’ for us? While 'change' could be hope, it could also be fearsome. I do not negate the reality of the fear of change in some of us, the skepticism, the doubts, the lack of confidence in the unfamiliar, in the new...the turning away from the usual, the familiar, the known. It requires a great deal of courage to be committed to the cause of change, and I don’t blame those who fear! However, if you’re able to face your fear in the hope to change your fate, your course of life, then you’ve truly evolvedyou’ve come a long way. Celebrate it! 

‘Hope’ is listening to words that give you no déjà vu – and in our case, that’s a reason to celebrate. Did we ever get our priorities right in the past, amidst self-interests and the rat-race to raise our vote banks? Did you hear anyone lining up the right priorities for you ever before? Did you hear someone speak with such conviction, passion, and belief? Did you see anyone so fearless - because they are truthful? Well, that is ‘hope’ for me! 

This is a beginning of moving away from the old system – the same vicious cycle, the same old source of frustration! This is a step towards a more politically conscious Pakistana Pakistan that rejects the status-quo, and those who fail to deliver. This is a step towards a more vibrant youth, which dismisses the parasitic monarchy-like-rules formed during the past decades. 

Know that the story doesn’t conclude here – it just begins. Our dream of a more prosperous Pakistan could only materialize if we all work together as one nation, selflessly, passionately. If we truly understand what ‘Jinnah’s Pakistan’ means; and if we aspire to live to see that one day, then we all have a common goal. 

The struggles you encounter in life turn you into the person you become – in our politics, 'struggle' refers to how many times someone is locked behind bars or how many family members they have lost. 'Struggle' isn’t confined to this alone. Struggle means how hard you've worked throughout your life to become somebody, to leave a mark. Struggle means working hard to achieve your goals, fulfilling your dreams despite an array of hurdles, knowing your direction, following it with consistency and never giving up. If you understand the value of honesty, hard work, and passion, you’ll be hopeful nowbecause you know this combination couldn’t go wrong. And if you don’t know its value, then I pray you to do, soon. 

We’ve witnessed the dregs of politicstoo much, too deep. No more putting up with thatwe’re done! We know our true potential is much greater than where we stand today. No time for ‘ifs’ and ‘onlys’ – time to make the most out of your present for a better future. I do not claim that the new administration would have a magic rug and a magic wand whereby we will instantly exit the tunnel and everything will miraculously turn into gold. We’ll all have to work for it – we will have to turn our dreams into reality, we'll have to give this some time. That’s how nations prosper. This will not happen overnight – but it has to start someday, somewhereLet it be now and here! Be patient, be hopeful!!! Know that reaching the end of the tunnel could be a long way, but the key is to keep moving in the right direction. 

To ‘Naya Pakistan’!! Or if you’re not a fan of that narrative, then to ‘Pakistan’ (purana but with a beautiful twist)!! 

Dil Dil Pakistan 💚 💚 🇵🇰 

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