Ah! The Glory of Victory !!!

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“I used to think that Pakistan were the most interesting team in the history of sport. I now realize that they’re the most interesting team in the history of mankind. Their ability to teleport between farce and genius is unparalleled, and at their best they are like watching sport directed by David Lynch. Nothing makes a blind bit of sense, key characters appear out from nowhere, supernatural forces are at work and inanimate objects can talk. All you can do is run with the mood and the madness.”
-          British commentator Rob Smyth

This has to be my most rushed piece (in time and length) ever - just because the writer in me wouldn't shut up even amidst the crazy June at work, I knew I had to do this, so better now while we are still in the festive mode! 

I am no cricket expert - just a fan; the kind who only watches cricket when at least one of the two teams playing is Pakistan. At first, I resisted to write this piece because I wasn't sure if sport was my niche but the enthusiastic and the patriotic writer in me wouldn't sit still, so I had to surrender to the urge. This is a very humble dedication to our wildly glorious and victorious cricket team *Applause*

The world is in love with champions, victors, those who defy the odds and embrace victory. There is something truly enchanting and empowering about winning as a dark horse. And who better than us would know the feeling? No other team in the world tickles the nerves of their fans like ours! One day you see them struggling to stand up, the other day they are unbeatable, invincible. Only yesterday, they lost to their arch rivals, yet today they were able to bag the trophy by beating the same team with some of their very raw talent in action. The raw talent which comes at a time when there has not been any home cricket for over 8 years. Isn't this truly magical? Isn't Pakistan a land of hopes? Doesn't this thought give you a chilling sensation of optimism, excitement and expectations?

Pakistan are all about unpredictability and dramatic comebacks! People, who overcome insurmountable odds, and defy predictions and histories, shock the world into jaw-dropping results and are often celebrated and remembered as the best of winners for a long time. This sparks hope in the entire nation! Speaking for myself, this win has returned my lost childhood faith, my unflinching belief and optimism! 

On Sunday, history was carved at The Oval; the world witnessed bottom-ranked Green team becoming the ultimate champions. To most prominent cricket pundits, the idea of Pakistan reaching the finals seemed remote, let alone lifting the coveted ICC Champions Trophy 2017, but all judgments fell flat on their face when the team led the country to a fairy-tale victory with grace and much relentless conviction. Who could have thought that that day at Edgbaston the sleeping lion in us had awakened to roar back with all its might and force? That’s Pakistan for us; every time we lose hope, it surprises us with its incredible ways.

What is it that infused magic in our nerves, vigor in the bones and made us the winners? You may call it avidity, drive, passion, fervor, motivation, or simply an attitude. Hitches and impediments do not mean the game is over. A true winner’s attitude means picking yourself up, learning your lesson and getting back in the game - this is my takeaway from this huge win!

Would this world ever be prepared enough to defeat us once we recognize our real potential? Once we decide to take it over and be the winners, is there anything which could stop us? Let's show the world our true strength and resilience - the side of us which is born to win! And let's keep our humility and tolerance in check, always, because only the lack of it has the power to destroy nations. 

Here is to the world's most predictably unpredictable cricket team!!!

For better, for worse, in sickness and in health, we bleed green!!! 

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  1. There are lesson in the game of cricket for us.

    When we learn from our wins and losses alike, we need not worry about the outcomes of a hundred games. When we compete and compare us with ourselves and not benchmark our performance with anyone's, we will wake up one fine morning with others telling us 'You're top of the world!'

    That everyone drop catches sometimes.

    Moreover, we should start finding opportunities in danger.

    I watch and learn from the game of cricket keh 'phansi hui game kaisay nikaltay hain'.

    1. 'phansi hui game kaisay nikaltay hain'. - haha !!! Yes!!!

      Well said, Faisal. Cricket is a good teacher! And I loved what you said about competing and drawing comparisons. You are a true winner if you understand the lessons the games brings for you. Likewise, it goes for life! Shouldn't have any regret, but only lessons to learn and moving forward with those ;)


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