The Target

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I take a deep breath and hold my arrow fast. I see my target, completely oblivious to my intentions. He is standing outside a bookstore, engrossed in reading through the back covers of each book that he picks up from the stall. He keeps taking small steps forward and backwards, lost in his search for a perfect book. I keep shifting my position and my arrow with his movements. I am all prepared to take a shot, just waiting for the right moment.

Here she comes, standing right behind him. She drops a book that she had just picked up…he hears the dropping sound and turns to her. He has his back to me now. Here, I loose my arrow, just as he bends down to reach to it, and it hits him at the back tearing through the other side of his body right across to his heart.

His eyes wide open and he freezes there for a moment, looking at her countenance for the first time. They smile at each other – I have done my job, it is up to them now. I fly away looking for my next victims.

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