Mind Your Own Business, Mr. Nosy !!!

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""What a strange narrowness of mind now is that, to think the things we have not known are better than the things we have known."
- Samuel Johnson

Preface: Mr. Nosy* has his eyes set on you... on a 24/7 watch! Nosy is surveilling your every move and playing Sherlock in his life. He exhibits great deal of moxie in questioning your choices, judging your actions and trying to 'help' you realize what a failure you are at decision-making. You ask why? Well, it's Mr. Nosy's job, rather business! At least, this is what he thinks. Oh yes, he is delusional.

Censuring you gives nosies the pleasure they otherwise lack in their lackluster lives. Offering advice to people who need it and ask for it could be helpful but only without pushing limits. Some people in your life would be your well wishers while others might only gloat at your grief and loss. Value the opinion of those who mean well, and for the rest, we are blessed with middle fingers! DO NOT BOTHER yourself with people's unwarranted opinions - be who you are and do what you will! Just ignore the rebarbative nosies – if they play Sherlock, you be the Hollow Man. Make them feel like pariahs! Try not to waste your words and emotions on such Pinocchios, unless they cross limits and you really want to try some of those karate moves you learnt at school.

* Here Mr. Nosy is not gender specific. Nosy is nosy - whether it's a he or a she! I only went with 'Mr' because it sounded catchier for the post.

Hello Un-dearest Mr. Nosy

Ever wondered what would it feel like if somebody posed curious questions to you while you were going through something intense in your life or put forth questions to you that were of extremely personal nature? Bothersome, eh? Even the thought of it makes you lose your nerves, yeah? Want to lunge at the person and punch them hard? Go punch yourself for as many times as you made other people feel like cr*p about themselves just to satisfy your beast appetite for inquisitiveness!!  

It is common for you to pass judgments on our physical appearances, our choices, our personal, work and home lives, etc. So, you think we aren't perfect? Dude, did we ever say anything about that thickhead on your shoulders? Oh we must have forgotten to mention you probably dropped it somewhere.

Eavesdropping on people’s talk? Heard somebody sharing something personal over the phone? Doesn’t concern you – move back to what you were doing prior to this ‘exciting’ new discovery of yours. Keep it to yourself and don’t squeal out the word. There is something called karma (and karma is a chimp!!). What goes around, comes around and bites you in your rear!!

People grow up in different families, they have different educational backgrounds and different experiences in life; all this results in their own individual sets of beliefs regarding what is right or wrong. What is right to you, maybe eerie and even wrong to others and vice versa! So, don't consider yourself to be the guru of everything! Develop qualities of humbleness and politeness; know that your low self-esteem is your problem so you ought to keep it to yourself! You CANNOT thrust your opinion upon people or dispraise them for not being the way you like them to be. Start the 'mind your own business' mission today and earn some respect and win some personal space of your own! Not every listener or soft target is forever a humble soul - you may have to encounter some witty, hurtful comebacks someday - don't run crying out into the woods then!

Giving someone a leg up or advising them when they welcome you to do so is great, but it's highly unacceptable when it is totally uncalled for. You're so seriously involved in other people's businesses that you often times repel by things they do. You can try being more reasonable than this, nosy! Don't go about interposing yourself everywhere and commenting on how people could do better if they had chosen to do so and so, instead of what they chose themselves. How could you even possibly think you are authorized to make such judgments? Stop butting in!

What we know from our observation and experience is that you have an uneventful life with zero excitement so this is your way to make your glum existence a slight bit 'meaningful'. You seek to fill the gap in your life by discussing other people and judging them unfairly to feel less miserable about yourself. You thrive on drama and attention!! Let’s make it clear - nobody we know has ever been to jail for the mere act of slapping, so we assume we're allowed to do that to whoever doesn't mind their own business. Next time you get your conk into others' matters, watch out for those livid hands. They're nigh to you than that nose of yours that you keep poking in!!

Stay away!!

Without a tinge of love,

From Those Whose Businesses You Like to Run

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  1. Your description of Mr. Nosy is one of a stalker. And yes a stalker come from both genders. Some may do it purposefully when this is a sociopath trait. Others may have a conscience that's not fully grown.

    Be in a company that pleases you to avoid the effects of the company that displeases you is my advice for someone who is willing take it.

    1. Well, I am all up for your piece of advice :)

      Stalker.. yeah! I never looked at it that way.. but then I think a stalker would most probably be a nosy :p so it is kinda interrelated!

  2. One more thing, if we think we can not help others in their matters, we should not bother ourselves learning more about them. And it should be quite human, isn't it?

    1. Yeah, totally... But it goes the other way around in reality. People would LOVE to learn more about others but not actually help them. Sadly, though.. but that's how it works!